Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our new kitten Azula

Well, we finally got a new kitten. Christian named her Azula. He keeps calling her Zuzu. For those of you who doesn't know where that name comes from, it is the Fire Lord's daughter named Azula from a show called Avatar the Last Airbender.

I suggested we go to Petsmart and adopt instead of buy from the flea market. There were a lot of kittens and cats up for adoption. We saw a really cute gray kitten w/ white paws just like our Chihuhua Cleo, but we were partial to the one w/ gray and black stripes just like Niko, who passed away because of heart failure about a year and a half ago.

Azula is quite a handful and loves to play. She kept us up Sunday night jumping up on the bed and licking my face numerous times, despite the baby gate we put as a barrier at our door. I finally had to lock her in the laundry room w/ her bed, as Christian suggested. Despite how rambunctious she is, we totally love her! Luckily she's so cute, it's hard to stay mad at her.

The dogs are still trying to get used to her. Azula seems to like Cleo better, but still hisses at both of them when they get too close. For now, we have to keep the dogs corralled in the kitchen during the day while we are at work.

She picked up on the litter box quickly and had only one accident on the couch and on Christian. I noticed that after I gave her food this morning she rushed to the litter box and did her business without me having to put her in it. I still think it's amazing how cats are able to do that.