Monday, June 23, 2014

New Apartment in SK building

Tomorrow is moving day.  Still a bit anxious about moving into the same apartment that we had an issue with, but hopefully it will all work out.  Learning a lot about the differences in culture and business practices here has been challenging, to say the least.  Guess I can’t take the good without the bad.  Unfortunately, the bad still outweighs the good since we moved here.  I am still keeping a positive attitude about the actual move since that is where most of the stress lies.

Here are more photos of the apartment.  Since we decided to move in to the same one, I might as well post the pics of our new place.  Hopefully, we'll be able to stay here for the duration of my tour.  By the way, that is our real estate agent who is showing the apartment.

I’m so thankful we moved with the army system.  I can’t imagine how crazy this could have been trying to do it ourselves  Not to mention that getting the job was much easier that trying to do it as a civilian outside the DoD system.  Practically, everything has been taken care of for us.  I didn’t even have to pack a thing except for what we took with us on the plane.  I even bought boxes thinking we had to do the actual packing ourselves.  If we choose to do that, the items would not be insured and if anything happens they will not replace it.  I had return the boxes I bought.  Should have asked before getting.

I wish they had a class for civilians on what the steps are for moving OCONUS.  Even just documentation to read would be helpful.  Aside from that, it has been pleasant not packing up our own belongings.  Plus once it arrives, they unpack and set up the apartment.  The best thing is that I didn’t have to pay for any of the services.  I could also sign up for storage in the US for the duration of this 3 year tour, but we didn’t need it.  We were going to ship the Rav4, but decided to just sell it. 

The enormous amount of forms that I had to fill out was unreal.  I’m so tired of it and still have more to do.  I keep telling myself that I didn’t have to pay for any of it, so that make it bearable.

Tried to see occupational health earlier today, but have to go back this afternoon.  I have to get a bunch of immunizations which includes anthrax and small pox.  My position is considered an emergency essential personnel and I will have to get certain things done to prepare for that.  I even have to pick up gear that requires me to wear uniforms.  The crazy thing is that the uniforms are the exact same thing that the soldiers wear.  My family is going to think I signed up for the army.  It’s going to be hilarious, to say the least.

Basically, I have to stay behind if an evacuation occurs.  My family will have the opportunity to go home, but I have to stay with the army.  This is going to be the closest thing to feeling like being in the military I will ever have experienced.  I read the paperwork that entails the necessary steps I need to do and it’s a bit scary.  I have to pick up gas masks for myself and my family next week.  I also have to have a will drawn up and PoA for my child if Christian gets a position that requires the same. 

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