Saturday, June 28, 2014

Finally Moved In

Well, we finally moved in this past Tuesday and had an extremely busy day.  My sponsor offered to help move our luggage and surprisingly, all our bags fit in his little car.  Still had to take another trip, but all 6 of our suitcases fit on the first trip.

Jensen was so excited about the new place he was running around waving his arms and screaming.  I think he liked the echo that the place created so he kept yelling.  He had such a great time having all that space to stretch out his little legs out.  So darn cute!  Wish we were able to record it. We had loaner furniture delivered until our own comes in mid July.  Until then, the apartment doesn’t feel like home just yet.  I can’t wait to see our own furniture in the place.

Already went to Home Plus 4  times on our first day at home.  I love being able to just go downstairs and go shopping.  So convenient and without a car it definitely helps.  At first, I felt so lost walking in the store.  I tried to grab a cart, but it was chained together.  I didn’t notice you had to insert a 100 won coin to release it from the group.  I noticed a lady who did just that with a coin and pull the chain apart from the rest of the carts. You do get it back once you chain it back to the designated areas. It’s a great system so the carts are not all over the store left behind by the customers.  An employee doesn’t need to collect it from the parking lot.  Most customers will return it to get the deposit back. Also, the carts are designed for you to be able to steer it at a 360 degree turn.  I thought it was pretty neat, but once I was “driving”, it wasn’t fun at all.  I guess I just have to get used to it.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of the shopping carts.
It felt like I was exploring on our first visit there. Home Plus is like a Wal Mart, more like a Target. Another thing I noticed was once you entered the store there is a greeter and his/her main job is to say hello (along with a bow) and assist the shoppers. I'm hoping to take more photos when I get a chance.

Our apartment complex has 7 buildings and the 3 bottom floors of the building our unit is located in houses Home Plus.  We also have Starbucks, several beauty parlors, restaurants, and basically the business portion of the neighborhood.  So nice to be able to walk to businesses and a car has become unnecessary.  We also have a monorail that is in construction that will be operational later this year.  Not to mention the buses and taxis that is as available.  Daegu reminds me of a mini NY, the city’s amenities are adequate and it is very nice to live in a high rise apartment.      

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