Sunday, June 15, 2014

Traveling to Korea

I expected moving to Korea was going to be stressful, but I didn't expect the level of stress to be so incredible high. I guess with Christian being hospitalized, it added a bit more factors than a “normal” move would have presented.

At least the worst part is over. The actual trip seemed like it took forever. Jensen did much better than I had anticipated. I was afraid the loud noises of the plane would scare him, but he was actually exited about the takeoff. He enjoyed looking out the window as we took off. 

We left Savannah May 14 to visit my in-laws in NC.  They had just moved there from TX and we wanted to spend at least a couple of days with them.  Our house was packed up by Monday the 12th, but we had to take care of some things and make sure the house was cleaned up before leaving.  

It was about a 6 hour drive to Christian's parents house.  It was just over the border of GA and we drove past the Blue Ridge Mountain area.  It was really nice place to visit and their new house was out of the way and it felt like we were staying on a mountain vacation home.

This was essentially their backyard.


 Giving Nana a kiss.

Since we were flying from Atlanta, we decided to take Jensen back to the aquarium.  He loved it so much the first time around.  My Mom and brother Rich came to join us for the weekend.

I love this photo.  I was about 5 seconds from getting slapped for taking this one. Love my guys!

We also met up with Maryann and Mai for dinner.  I also met up with Kemp, but forgot to take a photo when we had breakfast.

Our flight was 12:04 pm on Sunday, May 18.  It was Jensen's first flight and he seems excited to be traveling.  I wish I had taken more photos of our actual trip, but this is the only one I got.

He doesn't look like it, but he was actually pretty excited.

We had a layover in Detroit, fortunately it was a small airport and it was easy to find our gate. We definitely knew we were at the correct gate since most of the passengers were Koreans.  Once we arrived in Seoul, we had one last connecting flight.  The problem we ran into was we only had 50 minutes to get to our gate.  If we didn't have to pick up our bags and go through customs, we would have made the flight.  It was the last one for the day so we had to take the KTX bullet train.  It was past midnight by the time we arrived at our hotel.  Tim, my sponsor was there to meet us.  I was able to call him to update him.  The lady at the counter was nice enough to let me use her phone to contact him.  We also had a difficult time with all our baggage.  We were unable to use the carts to transport our 6 bags plus his car seat.  Koreans are one of the most friendliest and helpful people.  We couldn't have done it without strangers helping us. 

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