Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Self Discovery in a Foreign Country

Since arriving here in Daegu, I've learned a lot about what living in a foreign county is like. I thought that since I was born and raised in the Philippines that the adjustment for me wouldn't be so difficult. I figured that it would have prepared me for what life would be like in Korea. I was truly mistaken and the comparison between both countries are definitely unexpected.

Not only have I learned about new customs and what is considered "normal" here, I have also learned a few more about myself in regards to my personality trait and my preferences.  I have never lived in a high rise apartment or in a bustling city like Daegu.  Although, I thoroughly enjoy my apartment and the modern amenities it offers, I have learned that living in a concrete jungle does not suit me at all.  I've visited NY several times and have been to Manhattan and Queens, but I think that bright lights and big city features of Daegu is not for me.  I'm hoping that once our own furniture arrives and I am able to sleep in my own bed, I will feel better.  I'm not even really sure if it's the fact that I live in the heart of the city or if it's still not home to me yet. However, I still need to give it some time since I just moved in the apartment a week ago.

Christian seems to like it and have been able to enjoy the city.  We went for a walk about 2 km away and spent some time at Suseong Lake.  It was very nice and Jensen was having so much fun running around the lake.


  1. It's a beautiful lake. Great that they have kept this area to be enjoyed by all of the folks that are in the surrounding complexes.

  2. Yes, it is. So glad that is it right down the road from our place.