Thursday, July 17, 2014

Grocery Shopping at Costco and Homeplus

Here are some photos of our recent grocery shopping trip to Costco and Homeplus. The first thing I noticed is that the escalators allows carts to ride along with you to the different levels of the store. 

 The cart snaps into place and you don't have to support the weight at all.  Since most of the mega stores here are built with different levels rather than on one floor, this is a great design that accommodates the masses rather than relying on elevators alone. 

More photos of what you can purchase at the local grocery stores. The Cheetos did not taste the same from back home. Thankfully, we can purchase the American version at the commissary.

First Korean pizza we had from Homeplus food court.

Seafood section of Homeplus.

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  1. first few visits, looks like you can spend hours just looking at the different items. I know I would be so mesmerized it would take me an hour just to get through aisle 1,hahaha!!!