Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sixth Floor Amenities of My Apartment

I've really enjoyed the sixth floor of our apartment building. Not only does it have 2 different playgrounds, but it also has cafe table and chairs to sit and drink your coffee in the morning or just hang out and chat with friends.   

There is also an outdoor exercise equipment area. I saw similar equipment located around the perimeter of Suseong Lake. There is an indoor gym on the same floor, but if you prefer to walk around the outdoor track that is also available on this floor. It reminds me of a park complete with a modern sculpture, water feature, and open space for the children to skateboard or ride their bike around.

The spa and indoor pool is another amenity that is offered to the tenants for a monthly fee. A coin operated washer and dryers will be convenient for me to wash my large king size comforters.

I have enjoyed living in our new apartment and it’ll be nice once we receive our shipment of household goods this Thursday. I can hardly wait to set up the apartment with our belongings and hopefully it will feel more like a home. I truly miss sleeping in my own bed.

I didn't realize how much I would miss living in the suburbs. Thankfully, the mountains are nearby and I can just look outside the window and realize how easy it would be to get away from the “concrete jungle”. I am definitely not comfortable living in the city. I love the convenience and easy access to just about everything, but I do miss my house back in Savannah.

Feeling very homesick lately and I find myself wishing I had never left, but I know that as soon as I am able to enjoy Deagu and see more of our new home that it will all be worth it.   


  1. Being homesick is part of the juorne.In time it will be home for you,just keep an open mind.You are learning a lot specially the ways of a different culture. It all looks so nice and clean.Those exercise equipment outdoors don't they get dirty? Living in the city and having the mountains and nature in your backyard is awesome. I can't wait to visit you all.Enjoy and keep looking up.Luv you Mom

  2. Mom, Thanks for the words of encouragement. I suspect the equipment gets dirty, but I guess the staff keeps it clean. We can't wait for you to visit. So much to show you. Love you too.