Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gear for Emergency Essential Personnel

I picked up my gear from Camp Carroll couple of days ago.  At first we thought that they issued me the wrong equipment, but when I called to confirm I was notified that I did receive the correct gear.  The only reason why we thought I had the wrong type of gear was that I was issued body armor along with the gas mask and other things I would need if a war occurred. The others in my department did not receive the same equipment.

Not really sure how I feel about accepting a job that requires me to have this type of gear. I don't believe I would ever need to use it, but if I did I hope I would not panic and loose my cool.  I still have to pick up my uniforms before the training exercise next month.  I have to wear fatigues for 2 weeks to work and go thru the motions of what to do if war does break out here.  I also just finished training that shows me what I need to do if I am ever captured and steps on how to evade and escape.  It was an 8 hour long training course.  Needless to say, I was a bit overwhelmed on the possibility of war and the necessary skills I need to know and do while working here in Korea.


  1. At least you don't have to do ninja training. I hear that's brutal. Charisse, good thing you were not a soldier, don't have the right temperament..LOL Don't be so serious. They are just trying to give you skills. Put them on your resume!!

  2. I know I'm too serious, I really need to work on that. Thanks for the suggestion, Frank. Didn't think I needed to mention that on my resume. Ninja training would be better suited for my

  3. What an experience!!!!! just like in the movies except this is real life.I am praying for u all the time. I am so proud of you.luv u lots,Mom