Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moving to Daegu, South Korea

It's been 3 weeks since we arrived here in Daegu. According to Christian, it's been 3 hellish weeks since we arrived here in the armpit known as Daegu.  Of course, he's just joking, but it has been extremely stressful to say the least.

I recently accepted a job here with the RCCK.  I am a tier 2 support tech for the SCCM group.  I spent my 2nd week here at a SCCM class given by a certified Microsoft trainer that they flew in for the class at Camp Henry. So excited to finally be managing images and supporting this application.

We are currently staying at the Camp Walker Lodge.  It's on post and very convenient for me since I can walk to work. I'm glad that we have a kitchenette and living room area. Plenty of room for Jensen to have his own space.

I started applying for overseas positions last November.  I also applied for an opening in Italy, but Korea offered me a position. I had my interview on January 23.  The only private place I could think of having the phone interview was in the bathroom.  I guess I instinctively made a bee line for the master bathroom, since becoming a new mother that is the only place I can get some privacy.

I still can't believe we are living in Daegu.  It's nice to work and live on post at the moment.  It feels as if we are still back in the States while we are on post, but the subtle differences in the architecture and landscaping definitely feels Korean.  All post commissary and exchange stores accepts only dollars except for the Katusa snack bar and they only take payments in won.  I'm still getting used to carrying 2 types of currency, among the numerous things that I am getting accustomed to here. 

The hellish part comes from Christian's experience with his health condition.  He was admitted to the Fatima Hospital last Wednesday and was discharged yesterday.  He had minor surgery for an existing condition that had been an issue for quite some time.  We were pleasantly surprised with the healthcare system here in Korea.  Not only did it feel like we were staying in a 5 star hotel, but the cost of the procedure was much less that it would have been if we had it done back home.  We did have to pay the whole cost up front, but we as soon as we send the receipts to our insurance company part of the cost will be refunded. The room was cleaned everyday by housekeeping.  I've never had a hospital stay were they cleaned the room every single day. The hospital room was much nicer than our room in the Lodge.

The TV in the room was bigger than the one in our hotel room.

Jensen had a great time meeting the nurses.  Kylie even invited her friends that also worked in different departments of the hospital to meet him.  I tried to get him to smile for the photo, but he was pretty tired and I think was just overwhelmed with all the ladies.

The pill dispersion was a bit different as well.  I'm used to pill bottles, but they gave us the pills in single packet "servings".

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