Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shop the Swap

I have been involved in a swap on called Shop the Swap. I totally love it!
This month is round 17 and I joined at round 14. Basically, points are currency to "buy" items in other shops that have joined the swap. You get 3 points to start and you "price" your items accordingly. Here is my shop for round 17: Reese52's Swap Shop

A few items that I have "sold":

Floppy Disc Pen Holder

World of Warcraft Notebook

Guitar Picks made from recycled gift cards

Bookmarks made from recycled keyboard circuit

Here is what I was able to "buy" from other participating shops:

Custom carved stamp w/ my original design
(by: loves2experiment)

Glass Pendants (mine were in red and black)
by: Moonfairy

Original Artwork by PhizzyChick "Whimsy"
I love her work!

Original Artworks by the_bees_knees
printed on cards and I happen to have a frame that fit perfectly

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