Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Korea!

So Korea!  That is what Christian says when we notice things that are only found here in Korea.  I think it's catchy and I couldn't resist using it for the title of this post.

There are a few things that I have noticed that is "So Korea" since we moved here.  I'm sure the list will grow for the duration of our stay, but I wanted to go ahead and write about our experiences here, so far.

1. Man purses: I guess a man carrying a designer purse is quite normal here.  I keep thinking of the Seinfeld episode about the European carry all, but the men here are carrying purses, not specifically made for men.  Not a messenger bag, but a purse. I've noticed that men also wears skinny jeans and are very metro sexual.  Even beyond that to the point that they appear androgynous. Sometimes, I can't tell if a man dressed in skinny jeans and carrying a purse is a male or female. I had my haircut recently and the man next to me was getting a perm.  Not a usual thing I would see back home.

 2. Squid Burger - I knew that we would find crazy types of food here, but this one was a bit out of the usual suspects of Korean food.  We even tried a bulgogi burger which was pretty good.

3. Straddling the lanes - Please pick a lane and stay on it.  Now that I have a car, driving around in this type of traffic is so frustrating!  I guess sooner or later, I'll get used to it. Please note, that I was at a complete stop when I took the this photo.  

4. Elevator Trucks - High rise apartments are common here and usually freight elevators are used, but sometimes these types of trucks come in handy. First one I took on my way home from work. The second photo I found online.

That's all for now, but I will be continuing this list on future posts.  For those who have lived in different countries, please let me know if any of these are familiar in a particular country.  I've lived in the Philippines and visited England, but I have not found any commonality in this list. What I have gathered seems to be exclusively Korean lifestyle.


  1. Man purses!! I'll borrow a phrase from my daughter for that one...ewwww.!

  2. It's pretty crazy. Just about everyone carries a purse. Men also can be seen wearing make up and not just the celebrities.

  3. Wow I like learning all this about Korea.This is very interesting. I will look forward to your future entries.This is very educational.