Monday, September 8, 2014

First trip to Apsan Mountain

Less than 10 minute drive from our apartment, we finally went hiking at Apsan Mountain yesterday. This post is going to be photograph intensive since there was so much to see. We only hiked a mile into the trails since it was mostly up hill and pretty steep. We will be making numerous trips back to try and see what else Apsan has to offer. One of the first places we encountered on our climb up, was this temple.

You can't see him, but Jensen is in the pack.

Dragon located on the ceiling as you enter the temple.

Jensen checking out the Dragons.

Further on the trail was this monument. Wish I knew what it said, but I'm sure he was someone important. I can't wait to see this same trail once autumn arrives and the leaves changes colors.

Another temple and this time it was much larger and had more Buddhist statues. What I suspect adjacent to this temple is a residential quarters for the caretakers. I noticed a lady was sweeping up the altar when we first arrived. Christian mentioned that it could be the Korean version of a park 

Residential quarters
Next was the cable car station. We didn't take a ride this time, but will definitely do that once the leaves turn. 

Last stop was a memorial garden for the fallen during the Korean War. They had a list of the countries that participated and how many soldiers died. A great view of the mountain from this site.


  1. Wow..that's awesome. Can't wait for pics from the cable car.. Ought to be spectacular.

  2. That's gonna be a nice ride when the leaves turn colors. Glad to be in an area where we get all the 4 seasons.

  3. I recall it was VERY cold there in the winter. The wind was relentless and the snow was blowing bad. Of course, I was outside quite a bit more than you will be.