Monday, September 29, 2014

Suseong Lake Festival

This past weekend we were able to attend Suseong Lake Festival. I walk/jog there every morning, weather permitting, with Jensen. It's nice to see the lake in a different setting.

The food vendors were abundantly stocked with the usual fair of corn dogs and french fries, but also a few food items I wasn't used to seeing. Even growing up in the Philippines where we serve and eat quite a bit of strange and unusual food, I have never eaten or nor will I try silk worms.

Silk worms along side with hot dogs and fish cake patties.

Can you see the tentacles?

Vendor roasting chestnuts.

Cotton candy

The festival not only had Korean singers and dancers, but also had other cultures perform their native dance and song. We caught an Australian Aboriganie group on one of the four entertainment stages.

There was a mascot, but I can't for the life of me recognize what it is suppose to be. Does anyone recognize what type of animal or force of nature the mascot is suppose to be? It looks like some type of water creature which would make sense since it is a lake that is being represented. 

I tried to get a photo with Jensen, but he was too scared of the mascot.

This gentleman in traditional clothes is sitting in front of what looks like a formal tea setting. There were old and modern Korean traditions that were represented in the festival.

These ladies are wearing traditioanl Korean dress called hanbok.
We decided to go back the following day after sunset to see the lights and possible the fireworks. Unfortunately, they only had it for Saturday night. We could hear them setting them off, but since we are only on the 9th floor and facing away from the lake, we weren't able to see it. These two photos of our apartment building was taken by Christian. 

View of our apartment building from the lake.

Repurposed plane converted into a restaurant located right next to the lake.


  1. What a nice experience to see and taste or not new things.I would like to eat inside that airplane restaurant. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. That's a nice festival. No worms for me either. airpot next to a traditional tea set. Contrasts a bit.