Friday, September 5, 2014

So Korea! - Part 2

To continue with Christian's phrase "So Korea!", here is part 2 of the on-going list of things that we have observed while living in Daegu.

5. Kimchi fridge and freezers - Most people know that kimchi is a regular staple in Korea's diet. What I didn't expect is the sheer fondness for this culinary side dish that it is common to have a dedicated set of fridge and freezers to store the plethora of kimchi so that it may be readily available at all times. That hideous pink monstrosity is the main fridge and the 4 built-in located on the left and right side are the kimchi fridge and freezers.

Has anyone seen a fridge in pink before?

Here are some of the containers that are used to store kimchi.

6. Cars in mainly white, black or silver - I've already mention that when we first moved in to the our apartment, the 2nd floor garage was filled with mainly those colors types. I thought it was a coincidence, but as a country, Korea prefers these colors. I wonder if it's because as a homogeneous culture, they also gravitate toward that type of color scheme for their cars. Check out the short video clip below and see how many cars pass by on a busy intersection.

Can you guess which one is my car?

7. Spam gift sets - Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) starts next week and these gift boxes have been for sale at Homeplus. Coming from the Philippines, I'm used to eating Spam, but I have never seen these before.

The price is roughly $24. The conversion rate is usually 1000 won to $1.

8. Personality according to Blood types - Instead of Zodiac signs, most not all Koreans believe that your blood type has a great deal to do with your personality traits and all the other things that go with your horoscopes. Here is a link that better explains this superstition:

Here are some pens I found in Homeplus that are geared towards blood types.


  1. That is absolutely fascinating. The extra cold storage space just for kimchi makes sense. Every meal has some. Did you get a discount on your red car? What a combination...Spam and Alaska Salmon. The bottles on the side were garlic and ginger oil? I think that's what I could read. BTW, I am an O blood type. It kinda fits. LOL

    1. The car was affordable, but I don't think it was priced lower since it was red. The bottles in the spam gift set looks like oil, but I can't understand what it says. I've learned how to read Hangul, but still do not understand enough.