Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday at Busan

We decided to go to Busan, for part of the Labor Day Weekend and spend some time at the beach and take Jensen to the aquarium. Since he seems to love it as much as I do, we wanted to check out the nearest one that was worth the trip from Daegu (about a 2 hour drive).

Unfortunately, Novotel (a well known hotel chain) was booked and I took a chance on a locally owned hotel. I figured a 3 start hotel would be alright, but I was so wrong. The photos on line were deceptively appealing. The beds were hard as a rock (later I was told that Koreans prefer a "firmer" bed) and the room was extremely small, I barely had enough space to set up our luggage to open it. Christian was so uncomfortable, he went out to the car to sleep in the back seat. Not only did the uncomfortable bed kept us up, but also the noisy, partying/drunk people. Thankfully, little man didn't seem to mind and he slept just fine. Also, we were located about 2 blocks away from the beach which made it very convenient.

We decided to take a walk on Haeundae Beach and catch the sunrise. Since it was so early, the beach was practically deserted. The only people on the beach were either up from the previous night partying or early morning risers out walking or jogging. Apparently, this beach is popular and they use this location for films and tv. There was already a film crew busy recording that morning.

Film crew on the beach.
It was nice to walk on the beach and watch the businesses start their day setting up the large umbrellas and lounge chairs. Jensen enjoyed playing in the sand and running around the beach.


Beach lockers

After walking around the beach, we explored the neighborhood and ended up at the Haeundae Market. I find it interesting that street food is appropriate no matter what time of the day. I guess some people who party all night or work the graveyard shift would rather have that instead of breakfast type food.

The aquarium was located right on the beach and occupied 3 floors underground. We have been at both the GA aquarium in Atlanta and the one in Charleston, SC. This location's size was in between, a bit larger than SC, but smaller than GA. They had about half a dozen sharks and dolphins as the main attraction. The jellyfish was my favorite.

I tried to take a better photo of the jellyfish, but a video did a better job of capturing them. Since it was my favorite part of the aquarium, I took a few videos.

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